Sunday, May 13, 2012


So I wrote this back on my road trip one night, while lying in bed listening to a storm. But I never posted it and forgot about it. So now, here it is.

_The raindrops surround me
Loud thunder reminds me
Lightening presses the sky

_It's a beautiful night
Full of wonder so bright
The sky is telling no lie

_My eye lids are closing
But my heart won't stop racing
I believe in the loud cries of the night

_What is He saying?
What are we praying?
Is this my answer for the night?

_His words are so piercing
But so is His loving
He grabs the hands of the alone

_Some strive to believe it
They believe to conform it
Letting go of the truth of His hope

_Just like this rainstorm is power and aim
So He shows us our sins are no game

_Don't let them in
Come back to Him
Wake up and go dance in the rain

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