Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"I just want to dance to this in the middle of the street!"

"What kind of music do you like?"
"Well, pretty much anything. I'm not to picky unless it's scream-o or hard rap."

(Sorry, this one is long! But it's a large topic ;)

That was always my answer to that top question to anyone who cared to ask. I mean I really always have been that open to music. I liked almost anything and it really depended on my mood, current placement and timing to set my more specific preference. I'm one of those girls who will blast the pop music and dance around my room while getting dressed, or play the more "summery tunes" with my windows rolled down mid July, or play the soft elegant and slow jazz classics late at night with candles burning. I really can't ever say what music I prefer over all.

Scream-o, although, I had many guy friends who scared the living day lights out of me by blasting it in a room or car full volume, with no warning for my innocent ears. But hosently, I just could never enjoy listening to it when I couldn't even understand the words and when I could, it was always shortly followed by some type of "AHHHHHHH" "GAHHHHHHHHHH" or "GRRAHHMMNAAHHHHYEAH!"
Sorry boys.

Hard rap? Ya know, the "real" rap. The everything's depressing or about how you f'ed up my life (excuse the language) kind of stuff. The dirty sounding rap. Yeah, just couldn't ever truly enjoy that either...

Then here was an issue I've always had. I'm not so patient when it comes to finding new music. I have to love the first few beats of a song in order to listen through it all and decide by the end if I like it or not. Then, when I want to hear a new band I've heard is popular, or give some artists whom I've read about a try, I never know where to start. It's like if I didn't start following them from their first single or album, then I never know how to start listening to them, their albums, or their different style of tunes. I'm trying to work on that.

People just start telling or showing me new stuff to listen to. It's easier, haha. Like recently, I was introduced to the beautifully and mysterious lyrics and notes of Josh Ritter. He is actually from my neck of the woods in Northern Idaho, and yet I had never heard him until I moved to Alabama for the fall. Strange I know. I'm starting to expand my musical taste and branch out to artists I may, just naturally and not intending to, skip over on my pandora playlists or my other music "rooms."
Like I said before, I really don't mind listening to anything, but all at the same time, I tend to stick with just one thing for a while until I finally get bored and find something new. I also am one of those people who if I hear, and have a new favorite song, I won't play it on repeat, however I will play it probably every 5 songs or so for a few days, because if it's that good, then I just can't get enough!! Until I really have had enough and it does finally get old after I've played it a thousand times. ;)

My iPod: I'm all about the playlists. I rarely (but more now, than before) just go to one artist or album and play through just those songs. What I do is make a new playlist whenever I want to make a new mix pertaining to the particular mood I'm feeling. And so becomes the bountiful long list of my playlists-mixes that are everything from "something to sleep to" that consists of some Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and some other slow, soft and "sleepy time" songs. My "chill Space" consists of some Coldplay, Owl City, Michelle Branch, Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz. My "time for a shower" mixes (no worries, they have code names ;) break out the *sing your pretty little shampooed covered heart out* to Train, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Mika, Katy Perry, or other top hits you can bust a move to, while singing all the lyrics, of course. ;) Most of those are doubled in my party or super happy upbeat playlists as well. My "Going to Big Ben" list are songs I was currently enjoying while wishing I was able to board a plane to Great Britain for a few weeks or more. Grace Potter, Folk Implosion, Florence + the Machine, Lou Barlow and Kings of Leon all were apart of that occasion.

Christian music has me one week, and then looses me the next. There are some great Christian artists out there and some songs I truly love. But there are also a lot that sound all the same. So my Christian music comes in more worship like. I love Tenth Avenue North, and I used to dance to Toby Mac on a dance team (don't judge. That stuff was great to do our poor version of hip hop! Haha I always dreamed I'd one day become a dancer for T.M's crew! *sigh*) anyways, worship like songs are wonderful, and I cherish them. But my musical taste in general, doesn't count here. Lol

"Save the Last Dance for Me" please, Mr. Buble! Like I said on twitter last month, "Oh how the sweet tunes of Frank, Gene, Fred, Ray, Bing, Louis & George make my heart glad. '"They can't take that away from me.."' <3 #Music." That stuff never gets old! It's incredibly romantic and pure guinness of lyrics!

My parents grew up to the sounds of Motown. And from that, I did too. My dad still hasn't moved much further down the road from that era. My childhood memories are full of him singing to The Four Tops, Temptations, Supremes, Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, and of course the amazing Beatles. I still listen to all of it, of course.

My taste in the classical round, is sad to say, low and almost too small to notice. I really do love the classical instrumentals and that's most likely due to my 8ish years of Ballet. However, I never listened to anything on my own and that should have been changed long ago. So there is another sort I'm trying to get myself to study more of.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, and considering the date on my calendar, Christmas music is an all time favorite of mine! Probably because Christmas itself is my most favorite time of year! The snow, the families, the romance, the special moments and excitement by all, are all just the decorations on my Christmas tree of why Christmas music is so darn wonderful. It's enchanting. It's classic. It reminds you of years past and years to come, traditions, and memories. It's pure happiness and joy to my ears. Ok, yeah, I know not everyone loves Christmas music like I do. Some hate it. And some don't want to be reminded like that. But I'm just sharing why my love for it seems to grow a little more every year.

May I just say, Spotify and my new friend, Winn Carroll, surly both have lit this "listen to more than the radio has to offer" fire inside me lately.. Thanks to a world that is so easy to do so!
There is just a small hearing to the radio of my life. Anyone interested in sharing their favs?? I'm all ears ;)

Below: my current favorite song. :)

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