Saturday, November 12, 2011

And then the interns got hit on. . .

A Vera Wang wedding dress worn by a stunning Thai (i think..) doctor, and a handsome cutie of a (catholic) groom, put the "cherry on top" on a great wedding. The families were very, very sweet, and there was even a 10 week old puppy for pictures!

When we thought the groomsmen might get carried away drinking *before* the ceremony, we didn't realize our problem would be on the bridesmaids. Tell me, if you are in the wedding, and you know the party is after the ceremony at the reception, then why bring multiple bottles of champagne to the photo session especially when no one has eaten anything all day?? Well, it didn't go too badly, besides no one being on time for pictures. But they were asking for a lot worse. But seriously, if you are asked to be a member of a wedding, it's about the bride and groom. You are there as a witness, and an encouragement, and you really need to learn and remember where you need to be at exactly what time, and how you need to be prepared. People these days think its ok to arrive a half hour late to rehearsal, or arrive to pictures and disappear to the bathroom to finish your hair and chit chat away.. Seriously? This is not about you.

One other thing I realized tonight. Unless you have a dance floor covered in people who are dancing, it's probably best to not play the super dirty sexy songs. Because it's awkward when you play one, and there are only three (probably drunk) bridesmaids on the dance floor trying to "shake their thang." I guess I could say, you could just not play those songs altogether (and I mean I'm talking the really dirty songs), but there are people who like and want some of them played, but hopefully paying for a good dj means paying for good discernment.

Also not a good idea: using sparklers. I have to admit, they are beautiful in pictures. But scary to get a big group of people, who have been drinking, to try and light them, and then shake them at the newlyweds coming through a cloud of sparks and smoke. And then trying to distinguish them all. Note to self: when the drunks throw the still sparkling sparklers *towards* the water buckets, but not *into* be careful when trying to pick them up. And make sure, especially in the dark, that you are not picking up the wrong end...... :( (ouch.)

Ok that was a lot of downers.. The wedding was good, it really was. Little issues here and there, but altogether it went pretty well, and the couple seemed very happy. Which is the important part. I wasn't at the church during the ceremony, but I take it everything went just fine.

One thing I've started to see more of: using the bridesmaids bouquets as table centerpieces, or some part of decoration for the reception. Since flowers are very expensive, it's not a bad idea to coordinate it to where anything from the ceremony can be transferred to the reception to decorate two places with one work of art.

The reception was a party, but there were quite a few people who left pretty early on. It was a late wedding though. I mean to have a 40 min long catholic ceremony starting at 7pm, and not doing pictures till after, does make for a late night for everyone involved. Uh well, I'm sleeping in in the morning! ;) goodnight!

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