Monday, January 16, 2012

Yeah, it has been awhile!

Well between leaving Alabama to come home, Christmas, out of town guests, and the new year beginning, I have thought about my poor blog, yet failed to write anything new. So now here I am! It's a new year, it's a new way, and I'm trying to get excited about my life again! Haha.

Any ideas how to do that? :P

Uh well, I'll get to that later. I'd like to share my excitement on getting things accomplished.
In the past month, I have finished what seemed to be an awfully drawn out homework assignment that haunted me for months. (not to mention my grade was far beyond what I had even hoped for!)
I finally got around to cleaning out my closet, and ended up rearranging it to perfection.
I made a couple of calls and wrote a couple emails that have been long in the wait. I even accomplished finally making a sticky note reminder that I need to make a dentist appointment, and an eye appointment. The true gold will come when I actually do those two things. But to get me that far, I had to start somewhere!

(I watched an entire series of The Office, late at night, when I should have been sleeping... It's an accomplishment since I needed to catch up!)

I even went skiing after New Years! Although I love the sport, I was too lazy to get my butt back on the slopes for the past 4 years.. So to me, it was good for my health. ;) (oh, and I accomplished a black diamond, all while having a nervous breakdown!)

My room also looks quite good after I finally got to rearrange some stuff and make it look a lot less cluttered and "teenager like."

I'm turning 21 in two months! Ok so that might not be an accomplishment but it's very very exciting! And hey, I made it to the legal age without ever trying to buy a drink without showing ID! lol.

I guess right now, while my life is so random, all over the place and uneventful, I am just more excited about the little things.
So cheers to the unmentioned, the dreaded appointments, the unknown future, and my amazing looking closet in this new 2012!

God bless you this week. :)
And God help the Broncos.


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