Friday, January 27, 2012

My Friday nights...

Ok, so I feel like the most uneventful night of my week is always Friday night. It's sad. Not always, but I remember even back in highschool somehow my Friday nights were always the ones that didn't ever have plans.

So this afternoon, guess what I did? I went appliance shopping with my parents. Now there is a bright side to this. I am VERY excited we finally were able to buy a new dish washer. Our old one, (current one,) was/is awful. We practically had to hand wash our plates before even putting them into the dishwasher. Beats the purpose of even having one.

Anyway, now that I realize that was probably a very boring paragraph to read, I'll move on. I am going to see One For The Money, with my best friend tonight. She is reading the book series and cannot wait to see the movie. It does look good, so I'm excited too. But even that isn't till 9:30. So what am I going to do until then? (because even my parents are headed to dinner with friends. Sometimes I have to admit they have more of a life than I do. I guess they deserve it considering they've been married 35+ years)

Anyway, I am going to go to Michaels. Ya know, that ultimate over priced craft store? Where you can find the most intense homeschool moms, the older women who scare you by how much they scrapbook, or the random kids (with no lives.. Oh wait.. I mean more than me!) taking the scrapbooking and other assorted crafting classes? Yeah, that one. Ok ok, maybe it's not THAT bad there. And I know scrapbooking isn't a sin, it's a major hobby for some. Either way, I'm obviously headed there soon, because they have what I need to make an incredible birthday gift for someone. :) I'm super excited for this gift and hope it turns out ok. Can't say more in case that person happens to read this. But maybe I'll post a picture later on.

So does anyone have suggestions on how to make fun Friday night plans when you realize at 4pm on a Friday, that you haven't made any plans?? My bestie and I would be grateful for unique ideas. ;)

Until next time- have a good weekend & keep believing in what a good dose of chocolate (and a glass of wine?) will accomplish for your sanity. Or maybe just mine..

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