Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Today is that day.

Today is the day where thousands upon thousands gather around tv screens across the country, with bags of chips and cans of soda popping open, beer resting peacefully in coolers, greasy wieners with toothpicks stuck in them and maybe pots of chili sizzling on stoves, and people dressed in one of two color combinations, all to watch THE football game of the year.

Although some people who are bigger college or arena football fans might be more excited for their big game that would have already happened one or two months ago. But never the less, if you watch football, or just like sports in general, you will be watching the Super Bowl.

People who don't even really care about football even watch it. Probably because they: 1. have friends throwing a party, 2. get to eat the best snack food, and drink, and 3. commercials. Who doesn't love Super Bowl commercials?! My friend today was talking to me earlier about Skyping later, and even mentioned maybe "during commercials." I was dissaponted he'd say such a thing! He tried to come back with, "you can watch every commercial on the internet!" And I strongly brought back, "Um that is not the point. Super bowl commercials are fun because you watch them *during* the Super Bowl!" :) He couldn't over rule that.

Anyway, my point being, it's a grand day in the name of sports, but it's also slightly sad when you know it's the end of football season for the year! However, when you are like me, cheering for a college who didn't quite have the best season, it's almost a nice feeling knowing football is over... for now. And we can look forward to start again in just over 7 months!

But here's a little thought for the day to go along with all this big day chat:
What would it be like if we had a day, once a year where we celebrated Jesus Christ and everything that matters with Him, as amazing and fun as we celebrate a football championship??
Oh wait.. I think it's called Christmas..

But somehow the world took over even that. What if non-football fans decided to take over "Super Bowl Sunday" call it Super Sunday, and it wasn't just about football anymore? People who didn't like football would start having "super parties." And us football fans would be super confused and super annoyed.

Easter is another one.
We Believers just want to celebrate the certain days in the year that are powerful in our faith, and for our faith.
I mean, don't get me wrong, if you don't like the meanings of (or dont believe in) Christmas, Easter, (or watching football,) you don't have to celebrate it. Nobody made that a law. (at least not yet..) So just do your own thing! Have a super duper board game night, or a superlicious pie eating contest, with other people who don't like it.

But please, don't ruin the party for the rest of us who want to celebrate (whatever day it is) for the reason we even made it a holiday! And for those of you who agree with me, don't forget to celebrate, at least in your heart, every day you're alive in and because of Christ. He is the reason for every season.

Back to the football field from my commercial break:
This year is a little more fun for me because I don't mind either team. I'm a Denver Broncos fan, so besides them, the other teams are just all the other teams. Except for the only two NFL teams I do care about, in meaning, I highly dislike them. The Steelers and the Packers. That was not a fun Super Bowl last year.. it was a no win for me either way. Kind of like when Alabama played LSU in college football this year.. twice! I didn't want to pull for either team. :/ lol

Now, NY Giants or NE Patriots?! Or maybe for some people *cough, women, cough* the question is, Eli Manning or Tom Brady? Haha!

Choice of chips? :::> Chips and salsa, and cheddar Ruffles.

Drink of choice for the day? :::> Cooers or Corona will do just fine. ;) and maybe some Dr. pepper for a good chug refreshment.

Party people? :::> a couple of friends and my parents. (WOW, what happened to the day when I had friends and parties?!?!? lol I have apparently grown up and become just slightly boring. I've decided when I get married one day, I'm going to throw an AWESOME Super Bowl party for my husband and his buddies. Well and my buddies too. Hahaha, what?! I'm an event planner! ;)

Well, anyway, go Giants!! ;)

Oh oh and one more last note: Happy 21st Birthday to Mr. Winslow Carroll!!! Party on, good sir. ;)

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