Friday, March 2, 2012

Snowflakes & The Oscar Winning Film

This week, there have been multiple snowfalls across the Inland Northwest, mainly speaking, Coeur d'Alene, ID. My home sweet home! And a few of those days, it's been blue skies and bright warm sunshine, above this gorgeous white covered land. And people were even complaining... [I'm sorry, did you forget you live in North Idaho? If you want Springtime in late Feb/early March, please, there's the freeway to California.]

But that wasn't the only thing that made my week beautiful! In between tons of projects, appointments, emails & phone calls I made all week, my best friend and I managed to make it to Hayden Cinema on Tuesday early evening to catch the second to last showing of The Artist, which would soon be leaving theaters, as it's been out for quite some time. We knew we needed to see it in a theater, (big screen) because it's a silent black and white film. So, what is it like to sit in a modern movie theater in 2012 watching a black and white SILENT film based in the 1920's and 30's?

Well let me tell you.
People just don't make films like that anymore. I mean yes, it's obviously nice that we do have movies with sound/voices, color and such, but even the romance is different these days.

In The Artist, people danced just to dance, and loved with respect. The movie was like sweet poetry to the eyes. It made me giddy and joyful inside. I almost forgot that the movie was even a 2011 made movie. I could have easily believed it had been made in the 30's and they just brought it back to theaters for an anniversary addition. Flapper dresses and hairdos made (make) me want to travel back in time and visit the era, and maybe stay a while. The music filled the silence and lead you scene to scene, face to face, and conversation to story. It was the classic big band music, the type that everyone needs to hear. And the type that fills you with endless imagination and hope. Oh and I can't forget to mention my favorite piece, Big Band Swing that was the final showdown, and made me fall in love with an already wonderful song, all over again. The characters were wonderful too, including a talented and adorable dog. Jean Dujardin, who plays George Valentine, was amusing and intriguing, and Berenice Bejo, (the hand maiden to the main girl in A Knight's Tale,) who plays Peppy Miller,  was simply adorable, with charm, charisma and beauty like real women should define!

Life was so different then. And yes, not all of it was good, there was the great depression, war, and obviously a lot of other things going on. However people weren't bogged down with staying constantly connected to the web, social media, and The Real Housewives.... (Seriously, TV has gone TOO far..) People went on adventures back then. Maybe just down the street, but still, they weren't worried. Without skipping a beat, they danced away their lives living in the moment and appreciating good friendship. Now I'm not one to say, let's go back! I mean, I do love my iPhone. :) But still I wish people weren't so full of themselves, and more interested in life, true love, self respect, and happiness in the smaller details.

Ok, so I got a little carried away talking about it, maybe. But when you visit that era for a couple of hours, you think about more than just the few words read in between scenes.

Anyway, The Artist deserved every award it received. And please, for the sake of an old-fashioned, truly romantic, heart warming film, watch it! (And let me know what YOU have to say! ;)


click below to watch the trailer:

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