Monday, March 19, 2012

In two minutes...

It will be March 19th, 2012. My 21st Birthday. And I have to say, I am pretty darn excited about it! ;)

Besides the fact I will finally be of age to drink, in pubic, and I'm finally over those young ages.. The only one left is when you are finally old enough to rent a car, haha, but that doesn't have as much excitement as a 21st. Wow, it's really here.. I'm finally feeling like I'm growing up, like really truly growing up. But not that I don't have tons more to learn about life of course.. I have a long journey ahead of me. With trips and errors, miscommunication and faults, forgiveness and forgetting what lies behind, falling behind at times, and jumping forward at others, wonder and amazement, excitement and adventure, beauty and bliss, kisses and heartbeats, lyrics and choreography, music and dance, movement, breaks, friendships, relationships, business, vacation, powerful moments, unbreakable times, unforgettable memories, sunshine and rain, snowfall and thunderstorms, the Word of God, my life living out through Him, His will, and in His own way!
It's all coming right now.
My life is beginning a whole new chapter, and I have no idea where it will start out, tip toe or race through, or where it will end. It's scary, and fun. Simple and intense, crazy, even awkward maybe, it's all coming towards me head on. With the Devil ready to strike, and my God ready to defend, only with the Word of God will I make it through.
I propose to start fresh. To start with a new mind set. To start to begin a new adventure for the next decade of my life. Who knows where I'll be in 9 or 10 years.. But I hope to then, look back to now, and see what I want to see now looking forward.. God taking hold of my hand ready and wanting to move with me. To guide me. To show me what an incredible life I can live under His name, and the beauty I will witness no matter where He takes me.

So I'm 21. Yeah, I can now order a glass of wine with dinner, and I'm excited.
But WOW! I'm 21, and not really sure where my life is headed after these next few months... I better get my walking shoes on and hit the road! It's time to MOVE. Move an inch, move a mile, doesn't matter, just move.
I want to figure out my good qualities and then work to perfect and respect them and start using them for good purposes. Then I need to find my bad qualities and work on changing those or getting rid of. Change to be who I always should be. But keep the thingus about me that have always made me different and whats given me the energy to change.
BUT OF COURSE! I cannot /do/ anything on my own. If this is my own proposal to myself, then it becomes it to God to. Lord, please take over and let's go on an adventure!!!

Time for SLEEP! (drowsy)
Good night world, and when you wake up, pretend it's your birthday so that you can feel excited and ALIVE! ;)

Xoxo, t.

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