Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Green Paint.

What is it about us sometimes that crafting or making an item is more fun than just going out and buying it already made? (It's a good thing! Especially for those of us who do it only once a year..)

I myself grew up in a home that was more thought on, "let's just hire someone who can do it" not because we had the money and/or were lazy, no not at all, but because we knew we couldn't do it ourselves better. We knew there were (are) people that can do it better and we'd rather trust them.

Like our cars. My dad is not a mechanic. Then he had two daughters. So besides checking the oil, my family relies on Bob from GoodYear, haha.

But of course there are people who love DIY. (ok I know crafts and cars are much different but you get the general idea.. right?) I love the idea of different crafts or projects that I can do myself, but then I never have the patience and then I never end up taking them on. When I have an idea, it has to be done quickly after that, or I just lose the excitement and give up.

This past weekend however, I decided to paint my room a new color. (I do paint my bedroom walls, on my own, just FYI ;) and in the midst of that, I decided to buy chalkboard paint. I was going to paint a square on my wall but then decided against it, considering I might not want it later. So I found a random board down in the garage that we have no use for, painted it with the chalkboard paint and, WAL-LA! I have a chalkboard I can hang where ever I want, and I can draw on it! *ahem* I mean I can make lists on it! Lol. (I'm a list person. The number of sticky notes I go through is amazing)

Funny (side note) story: the man in Lows helping me out while I was buying the paint said, "So I'm guessing this is for a kid's room?" with my reply, "uhhh no... My room actually.... Ahha. IWantedToTryItBecauseIWORKWithAWeddingDesinerWhoHasMadeThemForEvents! *ahem* yeah..so.."
He can just go join the magician at the restaurant a few weeks ago who thought I was "like 10yrs old"... I should start a club: "The 21 year old girl who doesn't look 21"

Anyway(!), my whole point in this is how easy it is that I could have just gone out and bought a chalkboard.. But instead I made my own and it's so much more fun knowing I made it, and created a piece for my room.

It's the simple things in life, right?

I should get back to cleaning..

<3 t.

((Stay tuned for a month long adventure across the U.S.! My friend Micah and I will be heading out on a road trip a week from today, and who knows what I'll post next! 😉))

-Photos below-
My new green (and brown) bedroom walls. (I'm repainting the white shelf all white, no worries! lol)

The chalkboard!

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