Friday, April 6, 2012


I trust people way to easily.
But I fail to truly trust my God.

I want to fall in love with life daily.
But falling more in love with Christ is taken lightly.

I strive for more.
He's already given me more.

But I only look on the outside.
He's looking on my inside.

I'm just letting myself breath earthy air.
He's given me eternal air.

I'll tell the world my troubles.
But to Him, I speak weakly.

Then I'll show up one day, and I'll tell
Him everything. I'll cry out to Him and ask for direction.
But then I won't wait to listen.
Or read His perfection.

I fear for the unknown.
I should fear not knowing Him.

He's given me LIFE.
I gave Him my life, so why wouldn't I trust Him?

He's given me HOPE.
So why do I fear?

He's given me MERCY.
I've never deserved.

He's given me JOY.
Why should I feed my failures?

He's given me ARMOR.
For battle, why would I leave it behind?

He's given me living WATER.
Why would I trade it for temporary caffeine?

He's given me DESIRES.
Why should I ignore them?

He's given me 1000's of reasons to have FAITH in Him.
Why would I choose just one opposing option?

In Christ Alone,
I am free.

[Resurrection Sunday ~ Praise the Lord! He is alive, and through that, I am alive!]

1 comment:

  1. Amen.

    Without life in Christ
    all we have is strife with ourselves
    perhaps a worded ryhme back to you isn't the way to go
    perhaps poetry turns to a winding hole
    when all is said and done
    God's already said and done it

    Why would we cry when we lie to ourselves?
    Because we know there is so much more to life then chills
    Your completely right Taylor
    In Christ Alone
    Are we all Free

    Resurrection Sunday
    Not just an event on our religious calenders
    but a mark in our souls for Christ's Sacrifice for all our flounders
    A waymark on our Journey with Him
    A step on a beach swept clean
    Direction certain but footprints left to freedoms lead.