Friday, September 14, 2012

Seasons 🌴🍁🍂🌲💐☀☔❄⛄🌈

In the spring time, when the rain drops are pouring, and the trees are blooming, it's hard to think about fall... It's odd to think about the leaves falling, about the chilled weather approaching, and the hot coffee brewing.

In the summer time, when the sun is blazing, and the bbq's are smoking, it's hard to think about winter...
It's odd to think about the snowflakes, icy roads and your bundled up clothing. Christmas and new years, somewhere in the distance, like fireplaces burning, and hot cocoa warming,

In the fall time, when football is playing, and the trees are coloring the world, it's hard to think about spring...
It's odd to think about tulips and Easter dresses, and the first day you drive with your windows down; they're the best.

In the winter time, when White Christmas is playing, and ski mountains are waking, it's hard to think about summer.
It's odd to think about swimming outdoors, the beaches, and s'mores. Shorts and flip flops, and Fourth of July firework wars.

I guess all I'm saying, are that seasons change often. Like in our lives, troubled times can't think of joy, and joyous times can't think of troubles. But no matter what, it's only a season. There is a time for every season, and when you are through, find the reasons to appreciate them all.

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