Monday, September 24, 2012

Pink clouds & Seat 27F

It's such a weird experience.

Some people love it. Some people hate it. I happen to be one who likes it. It's not always easy, comfortable, or fun. Yet I don't mind it because its always an adventure.

I'm on a plane right now actually. Flying over some pretty fluffy clouds. The sun is rising, and the sky is so huge, just like it always is when you are this far up over the world. I'm flying to Denver (layover) so it's not a long flight. Plus the middle seat next to me is empty, so I have some extra space. Those are a couple of upsides. I do feel bad for tall people who barely have room to bend their knees. Thankfully, (with as much as I travel) I'm short. So I normally do pretty ok when it comes to leg room, or just being able to make my fold out table a pillow for my head.

Ok so the flights themselves aren't always super fun. I mean the earth beneath you is beautiful, but it can get cramped up here. Or those awkward moments when you REALLY have to pee but you're sitting in the window seat and your row companions are sound asleep.

But one of the best parts of traveling? People watching. Mainly in the airports. While sitting at a gate, or walking through the gift shops to kill time, people watching is at its best! You can see so many different kinds of people. Different languages, styles, and stories. But since you can't just ask everyone their story, you make them up. Or at least I do. I decide who's who, and where and why they are going there. I think of all sorts of details for people.

I think airports are a great place to feel connected to the rest of the world. Maybe not in smaller hometown airports, haha. But in big city airports such as Seattle, NYC, Amsterdam, Frankfurt.. So many different people from all over, all just passing each other by. Just connecting through gates, and coffee stops. On a railway, or in line to bored. Maybe not talking to one another, but examining each other. Realizing and remembering this world is so much bigger than we typically think about. We really are just a small small part of this world. Even the guy on his phone talking with multiple business partners who looks like he's on top of everyone. He's just another person, and though he may be big in his life, there's still a few million more of us who probably feel that at some point too. It's not a bad thing, no. We each have our own lives, in our own towns, in our own country. It's just silly to think about how many there are of us!

Well I need to turn my phone off, about to land!
With the amount of traveling I'm enduring these next few weeks, I'm sure I'll share some more on here under this subject. But until then, happy and safe travels everyone! Even if its just across town or.. your living room! :)


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