Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Greetings

So the other day we pulled out our Christmas decorations, and also bought and decorated a tree! This really is the most wonderful time of the year.

I thought I'd share a few ideas I had on quick and easy decorating (for Christmas). As much as I love helping my mom transform the rest of the house into a holiday spirited welcoming, I love to change up my room to let it have the same feel. I don't have a ton to work with, mainly because I haven't gone out and spent tons on Christmas decor for my room, as I am waiting until I have my own house to do that ;). But here's what I did.

(1*) My mom had sent me a small fake tree and little ornaments when I was in school a few years ago. So I began with setting that up on a little table.

(2*) I have an old window seated on a wall shelf, where I have previously hung/bunched bistro lights, and accented it with books, and some nick nacks that all have some meaning to me. So I added a few Christmas ornaments to source up the space with holiday cheer.

(3*) With a bit of tulle, a group of silver belles and ornaments, I put them all to use by helping these festive green pine cones and silver branches stand tall and pretty above my desk, in a clear vase. Accented by a nutcracker and a couple candles.

(4*) It's easy to add some Christmas thought to pieces that already stand in your room (or house). I had bought the "antlers" to wear during a Christmas light show. So with a fur scarf, and a small stocking (I probably received a gift in last year,) I propped them onto my dress stand and WA-LA! :P

(5*) Found and bought this cute sign earlier this year, and just had to have it! I had bought the sparkly silver ball ornaments for a party a couple years ago, but wasn't sure what to do with them now. I have had a blank cork board sitting around, so I played with it till I liked what I found I could do. It's a random look, sure, but why not?

(6*) I have a chalk board, that I use for notes, hanging in my wall. So I wiped away the "lists" I was done with anyway, and reminded myself of the joy of this season.
Filling up extra space with whatever I had to use :) (below)

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