Monday, November 12, 2012

War Eagle, anyway.

Ok, I know I've mentioned this before, but, I love Auburn, Alabama. I love the school, and I love the football fans.

But here's why.

I have grown up as an Auburn fan, and because it's my family's school, I've never questioned it. But I had the amazing opportunity this past weekend to really see and understand why this school is so truly great. We were playing a home game against our oldest rival, (but not our least favorite,) the Georgia Bulldogs, and we were losing. Just like every other game this season, we (we as in our boys) were unable to pull through what we needed to be a good team in the college football league, much less the SEC.

Only two years after winning the National Championship game, we are now the worst team. Our good players have graduated or gone pro, leaving us with a large and inexperienced group of freshman and sophomores to throw out onto the field.

We didn't even score against the Dawgs..

But as my friends and I got into the stadium, two hours early in order to get good student section seats, I was amazed at how everyone there, fully knowing we'd lose, was still excited for game day. Still looking good in Orange and navy, shaking the shakers, singing the fight song, dancing, cheering, everything we'd do at a game we might do well at! It didn't matter that we are the worst team. Yes, we are sad, and disappointed, but at the end of the day, Auburn is family. And we're all in.

And you are probably finding it odd that I say this when in fact I am not even a student at Auburn, nor have I ever been. I wish I was. I love that place. But it's because my family is. My parents and grandparents met there, and I have cheered for Auburn football every fall Saturday since I was born, because, well, it's just a part of me. Always has been. And just because I didn't go to school there doesn't mean I can't love it just as much.

It truly is an amazing place to be.

War Eagle.

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