Monday, January 7, 2013

Facebook: some good, some not so good.

So lately I've been thinking about Facebook: the pros and cons.

Is Facebook consuming the qualities we have to communicate with each other? Or even replace our inner heart's privacy?

I had a moment of realization though, tonight, about how years ago, when Facebook didn't exist, much less all things Internet, everyone did just fine. People would get together and actually talk about each others lives, and life itself. It was mystery or exciting.

Sure, with the Internet, there are many pros that come along with it, including staying in touch with friends and family who live miles away, even oceans away. And I'm grateful for it in that way!
But I feel as though everyone uses it as an excuse to spend their lives on it like everything depends on what Facebook says. Like its the only form of communication worth using anymore. When you read about each others lives on Facebook every day, when do you even just get together over coffee and talk like you don't already know what's going on?

People waste plenty of time scanning through, yes- some amusing or interesting, but just meaningless amounts of stuff; nothing that beats going outside in the fresh air and doing something more important with your life.

One thing I've noticed over the past few years is how people tend to "over-share." When someone is struggling, they'll post a prayer or religious thought for all their friends to see. But I wonder if they spend the same amount of time actually just talking with their Maker, or praying about the real matter in silence to the world? A lot of things just need to be kept between you and God. Sure, you can (and a lot of times need to) share with maybe a few trustworthy people who will be of true support or encouragement. But you don't need to outwardly secretly (figure that one out) share with your 500 "friends." Yes, of course there are a few times when you want to tell the whole world (i.e. you're free of cancer, you're engaged, ect.) but not EVERYTHING needs to be shared like that. Mostly to those whom you don't know or even care about. (Admit it, you don't care nearly as much about other people's Facebook info as what you hope others will see from yours)

Now obviously tons of Facebook is dedicated to businesses and artists alike. That's great! I'm just talking about the personal time and communication.

Anyway, like I said, I know there are pros- good and useless. But Facebook is not the only thing in life that matters.


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