Monday, November 4, 2013

I think I'm back.

Ready to write again!

Ok, wow. It's been a long time since I last posted anything. My blog came to mind quite a few times, but I just never had the right words in my head to create something meaningful on here. I was also busy. Very busy with work and vacations, and changes, and family and LIFE.

Over these past few months, I've really been thinking about how much time I spend on social media and trying to cut that time down. But it's so hard, because these days, that's what we live by. Like for instance, I feel so silly when I realize I never leave my phone. I'm not just talking about when I leave the house. No, I mean when I go from room to room. Or even to the bathroom. I always take my phone and it's just ridiculous! So then I'll try leaving it. If I'm going to the kitchen to get something, or to the living room, I'll leave it in my bed room. And then I miss an important phone call. Of course. So I guess it's just a matter of delicately understanding the line between how much is too much. I get so annoyed when I see people using Facebook as their diary. Or their daily log book. I really don't understand why people don't understand that the world doesn't care what you do, every. single. hour.

I think about Twitter. I have an account. And at one point, a couple years ago, I was on it every day. Now? I'm never on it. I like what it is. It's cool for a lot of people and a lot of reasons. But I realized lately, when thinking about it, that in order for me to really use it to it's full potential, would mean me looking down at my phone way too often, and not looking around my own surroundings enough. I could be missing out on life's greatest pieces of art, because I thought that tweeting or reading tweets about other people's lives were more important. They're just not, for me.

Anyway, a LOT has gone on this past year! And I thought 2012 was a great year! My last post was in Feb. At that time, I was somewhat dating a guy, long distance. We hadn't 'named' it yet, and hadn't made things official. But now as I'm writing this, we've been "officially dating" for almost 8 months, and still long distance! (He's in Alabama and I'm still in Idaho!) Happy moments have been made though! ;)

I can't say that long distance relationships are easy. I also can't say they aren't worth it. Some might not be, but ours? Totally worth it. It's so hard to be away from him and only getting to hang out every couple of months is not super fun. But we don't plan on this lasting for forever. I mean, if we were, now then it would be pointless. But this is just where we have to be, how it has to be, and why it has to be for now. And until it can move forward and change, we're just relying on the Lord to help and keep us strong in the meantime.

My job was crazy this summer! As I've mentioned, I'm a wedding and event planner and stylist. Last year (2012) I was an intern. It was a busy summer, but very fun! Some hiccups along the way, but nothing too extravagant. This year? I am a lead assistant, and it was another busy and fun summer. However, we had some major hiccups and learned a LOT of good lessons! When you work with people, couples, families, relatives, and other vendors, you just have to realize, you're going to encounter every kind of person, and they are not always going to be easy, nice, or respectful. And you just have to be prepared to deal with it anyway. ;) But never the less, it was a good season.

My boyfriend and I were able to be together four different times, from Spring break, to a beach vacation with my family, his sister's wedding week, and then I just spent a month down in Alabama. I was visiting, well yes, him, but also spending time with my relatives there. It was a nice month away, getting to relax, and getting to spend non-vaction-but-actual-regular-time with him. :) (I was also sick with a nasty cough/cold the first two weeks :P)

Now it's the beginning of November, the leaves have been covering the ground, Christmas is hinting through store catalogs and displays, commercials and my Spotify account, and I'm realizing I need to make a Christmas gift list! Where did the time go?!? I absolutely LOVE this coming time of year and cannot wait to get it officially started, with Thanksgiving!

So many more things have been going on and changing as of this year, but it's all for the better. I think. I hope.

Anywho, now that I've got my re-introduction//coming back after a few long lost months, I will end this, so I can begin writing my next and new thoughts that I would like to share. :)

Happy raking. (Not.)

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