Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 ~ Dining Table Centerpiece

Ok so I'm going to mix this up a bit and show you my Thanksgiving centerpiece adventure from last week. Since I work for a specialty rental company called the Attic, I decided to showcase Attic items for this centerpiece. {Check out the website here!}

Picture by picture, step by step, I'll show you how I put together this centerpiece using the Attic pieces plus some other extras from my own collection.

First, I needed an plan. I wanted to do something different. I had this slight vision of a centerpiece idea in my head, and I ran with it, even though I was blind in not knowing where I was headed. All I knew was that I wanted some sort of cluster. A grouping of some sort.

I started with my base: A thick and wide log round (no picture). Below are the items that make up the rest, and a picture of the first time I put those items together in order to start getting a visual for what I was about to create.

I used some gold/champagne mercury tea light votives:

Vintage bottles:

Gold candlestick holders and pillar candle holders:

Antlers (from my own collection):

Then after grabbing some pine cones from the back yard, I used this champagne colored spray paint (from Michaels) to spray them with. (You can cover the cones in the paint or just spray on the edges. It just depends on how much you want the cones covered or shiny. I did some of both.)

Next, I bought flowers. I bought them at Fred Meyer here in town. They seem to always have a pretty good selection. I didn't want a whole lot of color though, just a very natural look, with a hint of shine. So I just added a small amount of color using berries which still fit in with my natural look.

Then began the arranging. After I arranged the flowers in the bottles to how I liked and what seemed best, I started arranging the bottles and candle sticks in the middle first. (Most importantly, making sure no flowers were too close to the tops of the candles.) Once I liked the set up, I filled in with pine cones and added the antlers and votives around the base. I took advantage of the altering heights to make this work from all sides.

Then to finish the table setting and the dessert display...

And after all that, time spent with family, and eating delicious food made for a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Thank you to my wonderful mom who sat there almost the whole time watching me, helping and supporting my ideas! She also is the one who planned out the china and place settings. ;)
Thanks for reading!

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