Monday, October 31, 2011

Weddings are like college football games- they're just better in the south.

Last Sat. I worked at a wedding as "extra help" for a Birmingham area wedding planner and her staff. (I mentioned it in my last post.) Anyway, for not knowing the couple, their family, or even knowing the people I was working with more than one other meeting, I had an absolute awesome time! It was crazy, hectic, busy, cold, (I mean weather wise, lol) and just so much fun! I guess part of it was the fact the couple/ceremony was baptist, (close enough to my non-denominational Bible beliefs,) that it was sweet to over hear from the front hall of the church, the ceremony being presented and confirmed in much of the same way I would have it for myself if I was the one getting married. But besides that, the couple was so cute and fun, (bride was SO sweet!) the bridal party was having a grand ol' time, family and guests as well, the day was beautiful, (besides a little bit of colder temperatures in the morning and late evening,) and everything pretty much went just fine! Minor mis-hap's here or there, but that is common for any wedding, or big event, really.

I greatly loved how the bride, her mother, and the main wedding planner had thought out all the decorations and reception details. The mother was actually over doing most of it, and brought in (or actually had *us* bring in,) a LOT of stuff to use!!! I mean we're talking like three car loads of stuff. (too much! lol) So needless to say we had a LOT of decorating to do, but that is one of my most favorite parts of a wedding/event! I so very much enjoyed it! :) They were at first expecting 150 people to show, then it went up to 240. I don't think there was 240 people there, and by the middle of the reception, you could tell a lot of people had snuck out, most likely to go home to watch football games. No surprise there. I mean if you are from, or live in the south, and you plan to have your wedding on a Saturday in the fall, you are in no way allowed to be surprised to get declined invites or people leaving early from reception. That's if they make it to the reception.
Haha ok ok but I want to get back to why I love weddings in the south.

Weddings are normally bigger. And even if they are small in amount of guests, it's most likely there will be more money put into the event. Southern families stick to true and real traditions. They are classy, and beautiful. (Ok, don't get your hair in a tangled mess, I'm not saying weddings in the north or west or east have never been classy or beautiful. I've been to very beautiful weddings. I'm just stating southern weddings are *known* for it.) Anyways, I LOVVVVVED spotting out all the younger women at the wedding because of what they were wearing, and of course their shoes. Everyone looked nice. That's what southerners do here, they dress nice for weddings. Even if it's a casual event. And the shoes, seriously, were amazing. I spotted some awesome pairs I was temped to either sneak some pictures of, or ask those wearing them, where they got them. lol (I told you I love shoes.) However, I was being on my best behavior because I was "working" and trying to be professional. ;)

There was beer. An open bar to be exact. I mean, really, if you're going to spend the money on achohol at your wedding, an open bar is the right thing to do. Especially if you're not paying for a full meal/dinner, but only serving heavy (and oh so amazing) hors d'oeuvres, AND you're keeping people away from watching the game, then it is the kindest thing to serve your guests with an unending amount of beverages. It also helps get the dancing going. ;) BTW, the bride and groom: huge Auburn fans; groom's cake was football stadium; they entered reception to AU fight song; and we handed out AU shakers for everyone. Too cute!! See? The south also offers great college football fans and cute ideas to include the fave team into the special day! ;) There is another thing I enjoyed watching. The dancing was hilarious to watch, (mainly from the beverage of choice,) but they played lots of fun country songs. (not only country, but a lot of it.) Now, only for the last couple years, have I really admitted that I like country music. I tried not to for so long, but finally gave in (because really, I like pretty much any music!) But something about some good ol' country songs with a group of southerners, dressed up and having an awesome time together celebrating- it was very fun to watch. And I made a mental note to remember to play some country at my [future] reception. (Even though I KNOW I'll get ragged on about it by certain friends and family who for sure don't enjoy country music. Uh well. lol) One thing you would commonly find is some sort of t.v. playing the game, maybe by the bar, or in another room. Just to give a place for "score check ups." This wedding didn't, which was slightly surprising considering the couple's team, Auburn, was playing. But at least we won anyways. ;)

It's amazing I even stayed awake and alert allllll day. Because the night before I never really fell asleep. So no sleep + a long day of work (getting up at 6-going to sleep at midnight) *should* = crashing somewhere along the last minute arts and crafts project presented by the lovely (insane) mother of the bride an hour before showtime, or the hurrying the large flower arrangement from the church to the reception in the middle of 200 guests. HOWEVER, it didn't. I had prayed for strength that morning and boy did God hear me! Haha. He was awesome and gave me absolutely no "crashes" until my head hit my pillow that night!

Now are you wondering what's so great about college football in the south, that's not the same anywhere else? Well, I'm not sure I can explain that for you as well. It's something people who are from the south, have lived here, who have family here, or something along those lines, knows exactly what I'm talking about! It's just simply... more exciting. The fans are wild and true. The tailgating is a huge party. The games are incredibly intense and the game is never over until the clock has run out. I have always loved college sports more than high school or pro. Mainly, I was home schooled, so I never really went to high school sports events that meant anything special to me. And pro is just so big, that yeah sure, I'll watch the Monday night game, or pay attention to a few football, basketball or baseball teams, but I've never cared as much for pro as I do college. College, the fans are the students sitting in the same classrooms as the players. Or they are alumni. So it's just big enough to be on t.v. but just small enough, it's still a school and it's still family. Funny I say that though, because I didn't actually go to college. My favorite team is Auburn (from Alabama) because it's in my blood. Parents, grandparents, cousins- they all went to AU. I just didn't exactly see myself going to college because I have a love/hate relationship with school. (There's more, but it's not exciting enough to write about. ;)
Anyway, even though I'm not a current student, or alumni, or anything, I still have a love for that school, and that football team, like none other. Even when I'm cheering from my hometown in Idaho... just a few miles away *wink* from Auburn, Alabama. Games are SO exciting and fun. College football in the south, it just runs deep in your blood. I don't know how to describe it any other way.
 And last note on the wedding: I learned soooo much that day, and had lots of fun along the way too! I guess I found my happy place in the work field. ;) Who wants to plan a party?!? :P

Oh and, War Damn Eagle!

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