Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Movies. Wait, what?

Ok so last night I was with a group of people, hanging out, having fun, and we got into a conversation about top favorite movies. I didn't say much, but rather listened to everyone's top choices and the best of the best, in their mind. And after hearing one girl mention a few movies that she loves, and me thinking in my head, "She liked that? I thought it was horrible," I thought, now isn't that funny how we all think so differently? Now obviously, we all have different tastes in movies, music, fashion, well, EVERYTHING. But what had me thinking was how many things do we like or dislike based on either one small memory of that movie we watched ten years ago, or because someone else told us it was bad? Like one of the movies she mentioned was one I saw years ago, and I don't remember the movie at all except I was bored watching it. However, I watched it with my sister and her best friend, and they were the ones saying how "dumb" and "stupid" and "boring" it was. And if I am remembering correctly, we shut it off before it ended. Did I ever go back and watch it again? No. And what did I think every time I passed by it in the movie rental store? "Oh that's a dumb movie. (skip)"

But now, years later I'm hearing people talk about it as a great movie, and one they'll always remember. Hmmm. I mean, I can say I was young, and was with "the older girls" who I of course looked up to and all, so give me some credit in the fact I didn't know better. And hey maybe if I watched again, I would still not like it. However, I guess my whole point in this is, how much do we let the responses of people around us effect our initial grade of the movie, song, pair of shoes, price of something, or class? Do we wait to see what the person standing next to us will say first, before we "agree?" Or how about on that first date? How much do you say or not say, depending on how much you like that person? It's funny, we try not to. I myself have been getting better at just speaking my opinion whether I think, or know, the other person will agree or not. We try to be ourselves and speak our minds, but let's face it. We all do it at least a little bit here or there. I struggled through high school and even past, with trying to fit in the group I was currently with for the moment. I'd be "myself" but "myself" had too many levels and I eventually couldn't keep up. So I gave up.

Ya know, it never works anyway. If you try to be too much like the "group" you want to look or sound like, you end up stressed and not able to accomplish. However, opposites attract. ;)

Wow! I kinda got off my original topic. (lol) But I guess that just goes to show how much one thing can lead to another! I might have more to say on this topic later on, but at the moment, I should get back to my Wednesday afternoon responsibilities. :P

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