Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shoes. Oh my love!

You guessed it. I'm a shoe lover.

Ok, so maybe that's not what you were thinking, but now you know. I. Love. Shoes. Oh, it's almost ridiculous how much! ALMOST, I said. It's just one of those things to me, that "gets me." They are all so different and all have different attitudes. You can have a simple one colored (slightly boring) dress or outfit on, and pair it with an amazing pair of shoes and BAM the outfit speaks. (giggling) I'm serious! Or one of my favorite things to do is wear, say, a black dress and then put on a red pair of heels. Oh dang, what red heels can say! I love to wear so many different styles, and love it even more when someone (normally my best friend or mother,) gives me a look that says, "you're seriously wearing that?" Yes. Yes, I am. Bring it! Ahha.

See, you have to understand first, I am from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. (Yes, we are famous for potatos, but #1 we don't get to eat them because they export before we get them, & #2 we are the "Gem" state, fyi.) Anyways, Cd'A is not a huge city. No tall buildings or anything, so style and fashion is pretty low key, laid back, comfortable, however you want to call it. So wearing stilettos to church on Sunday mornings make quite the statement. Hehe. I tell you, it really is fun. My best friend told me one time, "Taylor, it doesn't matter what you wear to this party, you don't dress like you're from Idaho." However, she herself is like me and we try to bring fashion into our lovely hometown as much as possible for good fun. But funny thing is, we both are very "jeans and t-shirts" on most days, anyway. I am not saying we strut the Sex and the City look every day. (I'm just talking fashion, chill.) I mean I don't have the money or the effort to dress that much every day. Haha, but when I "go out" or go to church, (because seriously, it's fun to dress up for church, duh! Haha, no actually, because we don't have many big events, Sunday mornings are the only consistent thing we get to dress up for ;) or whatever, I like to make sure what I'm wearing shows what I like, how I like to act, or just the mood I'm in. Not to mention I have a couple rules for myself. I don't leave the house without earrings on. It's just my thing. My dad (don't take this weird.. it is, but don't,) raised my sister and I to always wear lipstick. He thinks every woman should and it's a sin to not. Lol, oh my father. Anyway, I might not be THAT extreme, but I do carry a few in my purse at all times.

Anyway, back to shoes. Most people don't realize what I truly mean when I say I have a lot of shoes. What they think is a lot, is soooo far off from what I mean in a lot. (But I also haven't grown since I was in, probably my freshman year of high school...? I forget now, but I still fit in shoes I bought years ago, and it's sad really.) But shoes are just so fun. I mean there are so many different styles. And within those styles, you have MORE styles. Let me take flats for example. You know, your basic ballet flat. You can have simple, super comfy slip ons to wear with jeans, you can have super stylish colorful crazy looking flats to wear with a skirt to work, OR you can wear the super crazy stylish flats *with* your jeans in order to "snaz" (that's a word, right?) up your jeans and t-shirt look! See?!? (I know you probably don't, but just go with me on this.)

For me, I can't just have one pair of brown heels to go with all my brown outfits. There are too many "brown" colors, first off, not to mention style. Wedges are better for spring and summer. Black heels are better for fall and winter- in the daytime. But in summer, black is only good for nighttime. Unless they are sandals. White shoes cannot be worn after Labor Day, and before Easter. (Although, people are slipping on that one.. *shaking head*) Don't wear sandal heels in late fall or winter. (If it's cold enough outside to not wear flat sandals, then it's time to put the heels away too.) Honestly, nothing's more awkward than wearing sandal heels with a parka. If you put on short booties, and they make your legs look short or fat, take them off. I know they are popular right now, but they really don't look that great on EVERYone. With super strappy sandals, (like the gladiator sandals,) be careful! Too many straps and it's too much! Also, if you are going to wear heels, say, around town, outside in the summer, in the daytime... don't wear a pair of heels you could wear to a club (dance) or semi-formal party that evening. I mean really, that's just taking a great pair of "cocktail" pumps and turning them into hooker heels, all because you're wearing them in the middle of the day walking on the boardwalk. That just doesn't make sense, or look right.

Oh my gosh I need to go to sleep! Uhg.. I drank to much sweet tea, and ate dessert too late tonight, and I am wide awake. Uh well. Twas' all for my passion for shoes. ;)

Last thought:
Some funny memories that will always be a part of my friendship with my bestie, are all the times there would be 3 feet of snow on the ground, and we'd be hurrying across the church parking lot, running late, in heels. Almost killing ourselves. It was awesome though. And even when it wasn't winter, we were always late. Still are normally. (We'd always spend the night together sat. nights, fyi.) But her mother told us once, "You girls might always be late to church, but at least you look good doing it!" And that, my friend, is how two North Idaho home-schooled girls do it! Ahhaha. And yes, I was home-schooled. But I think I turned out ok. . .

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