Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weddings. Oh the joys!

Ok, so I've been thinking a lot lately about things that go unnoticed in weddings these days. I guess me thinking about weddings really isn't or shouldn't be that surprising, because I am studying to be a wedding and event planner, and I do try to keep up with all things weddings whenever possible. But anyway, back to my point! ;)

Couples are normally so excited when they first get engaged that they want and believe their wedding should be a grand event, whether it's 200 guests, or 20 guests, they want it to be special and different from any other. That is what we all want. We always want different or unique. And it makes since. We, or couples, for one: don't want their wedding to look like "everyone else's," and two: they want their guests to be mesmerized by a different look, a different feel, and a different attitude.

But the other day I was thinking about some different things people have done to make their wedding like no other! Who remembers the YouTube video of the wedding party dancing down the aisle?? Of course. I thought it was one of the best things ever to watch. Me, loving to dance, thought it was so fun and so different. However, I am also very traditional and knew I'd never do that myself, but I knew it was something I would do if I wasn't so traditional. Wait, did that make sense? Uh well, anyway, there are so many other new things people do to put the stamp on their day. Changing Facebook statues during the ceremony is another new one that's catching on.

Ok but here is what got me thinking; people are trying to change up weddings and make new traditions, and I feel as though we are all forgetting how special and important a wedding really is. What each and every aspect of it is so important and means something huge! We all know how boring a long and drawn out ceremony can be for the guests sitting uncomfortably in formal wear (well, at least at some weddings) and so we now try to make ceremonies shorter and quicker. I happen to love that. I love a good party and as much as I love watching the bridal party enter and take note of every detail on the flowers, colors, dresses, smiles, and music, I am pretty much ready to head to the reception with food and dancing about half way through. So whenever the ceremony comes to a close even quicker than I am expecting, I'm a happy guest.

However, are we skipping over so much from what a ceremony is for and what it means? Sure, we get all the right things said, done, promised and kissed off, but are we not taking a good amount of time to express what we are standing there doing? A couple is standing in front of a group of witnesses to promise they will take their two different lives and become one flesh, one marriage, and to keep that promise till the day they die! That sounds like a big deal to me! They give each other a ring to wear not to be a sign of the fact they're married, but to be a symbol of their life together that is forever.

Another thing is music. I love music, and sometimes when people play fun sweet or personal favorites while they enter the ceremony or during, it sounds nice and it seems as though that song (or songs,) mean something special to that couple. But then there is something in me that lights a fire when an instrumental classical song is played loud and clear when the bride is escorted down the aisle by her father; that really brings it all into perspective for me. It's powerful and you immediately feel a part of something big. I'm not saying it's wrong to play the new single from Coldplay, or your favorite love song by Plain White T's, or Usher, but I just have to say that people never forget why they are sitting in those pews, when a classical begins. They are there to be witnesses of a new life starting before them. And the music is one way to establish that. I just wouldn't want to spot guests singing along when they are supposed to be in awe and respect for what's happening around them.

So I guess I'm just wondering if we are getting to much into the details of the colors of the right flowers, and what songs to not play during the reception, are we losing sight of it all? Weddings have been the same since the beginning, and their traditions are based on so many ideas, countries and religions, that even if you are from Spain, or are catholic, they typically have the same look to them. Yes they are different in ways, but still the same bride and groom making vows to each other. So I just don't want to see weddings become more of a party and less of an incredible, meaningful and important time of vows and promises made by two people completely in love. <3

And yes, this is a (soon to be) wedding planner saying this. But I can still take in as much detail to make sure those important aspects are noticed just as well as I make sure the roses and baby's breath are noticed. ;)

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