Sunday, December 9, 2012

31 Days.. | December 1-8

"I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;" Psalms 139:14

Day 1:
So December first was the day to start the advent countdown, as well as a big game in the SEC football division. University of Alabama played the Georgia Bulldogs, and it was an intense game, because the winner would get to continue to the National Championship game in Jan. Well, highly disliking Alabama, I had no choice but to pull for the "Dawgs" to pull it out, so Bama wouldn't be headed to yet, ANOTHER championship game. Sounds silly, I know. But like I've said before, it's in my blood.

Back to fashion- An bright apple red button down shirt (Target), with black skinnies (Macy's), and black booties fit well for the day. I used a small amount of black and grey eye shadow and minimal jewelry.

A simple snake skin printed purse added some texture, but still kept the "easy look" I was going for.

Day 2: Church clothes.
I found a real wool coat that was given to us years ago from some dear friends from England. It's a box shape, and color wise, a bit difficult to coordinate with. The colors in it are a mix of light grey, dark gray and brown. But it's very good looking, so I was determined to put together something to wear with it! And something that would help my figure while I'm wearing a "square cut."

I came to a decision pairing it with a short navy skirt (H&M), and a cream lace top, and navy pumps (Target).

Day 3: Monday blues..or greens..
After an intense morning at a work out class, (after having not worked out in months,) I was leaning towards the more comfy clothing when I got home to change. ;)

Jeans (Nordstrom), with a long grey sleeve shirt (Hollister), a "Train" tank top over-laying, and an army green short sleeve sweater to keep me warm (Ross).

As my hair was not so pretty, I stuck it up in a side bun with a little braid on top, to add a little flare. (Haha) Also, simple black jewelry to accent the black text on the tank top.

Day 4: So I have this sweater dress...
It's one of those things you buy, because at the time, they are everywhere and girls are really making them look cute, so you buy it, and then you just never wear it.. and you wonder if it was a waste of money..? Yeah, that. So this sweater dress of mine, well, it's just one more thing in my closet I was determined to actually wear one of these days. However I didn't love the lines on me, so I had to work with it a bit.

A rich red dress (Ross), paired with grey leggings (Aeropostale), and to top it off, literally, I wore a black.... well, actually, I have no idea what it's called. Anyway, it's a little dress thingy. I only wore big pearl (fake ;) earrings. Keepin' it simple.

Day 5: Game time!
Well this time, it's basketball! We headed to Pullman, WA to watch Gonzaga play WSU in basketball, and the game was crazy!With a hour & half drive there and back, and the temperature dropping tremendously outside, I wanted to be somewhat comfortable but still in a cute look for the game. Once again, I was wearing red, for the Zags. (What's weird is I hardly ever wear red, and this is the what, 3rd time this week?!? lol)

Jeans (Miss Me-Belk), Red long sleeve, button up white shirt over (Aero), grey and white scarf, black leather jacket (Turkey), and silver converse tennies (Foot Locker).

And btw, they won! :)

Day 6: Rumor had it... was supposed to snow today.. And actually, it did. It just didn't stick. -_-

However, that is where my outfit for this cold wet Thursday came from... snowflakes! Grey and white polka-dotted skinnies (Target), white long sleeve, turquoise cardigan (Nordstrom), a black "cape" like coat ($5-Macy's), a long chrome, dark blue and light blue beaded necklace, snowflake earrings (T.J.Maxx), and a new royal blue Steve Madden purse ($10-T.J.Maxx)! Oh, and also some blue shades of eye shadow to really make it all pop! ;)

Day 7: Friday in a skirt.
With the cold weather continuing, I layer up! Keeping a short black "flowy" skirt simple enough for my non eventful Friday, I kept it classic in black with a long sleeve shirt, and added my pop of color with a bright green cardi. Grey tights kept my legs warm, along with stone grey boots (Candies-Kohls), and some black leg warmers underneath. (Which btw, are legit leg warmers I used for ballet back in the day when I still danced ;) Also, a silver long chain necklace with a light blue feather pendent to add some more color without getting to carried away.

Day 8: Festive Saturday.
Green pants paired with a new pretty black and cream sweater ($29.-Target) was an idea since the moment I bought the sweater on Black Friday a couple of weeks ago. It's my going-Christmas-style-without-using-the-color-red outfit for 2012. I love the design of the sequins! I put light eye shadow on my lids, with black shadow in the corners/crease. I loved how it turned out, but phone cameras just don't capture eye shadow to give it justice. ()

I'm trying to remind myself to wear more colors *together* and also with every outfit, figure out what the main pop of color is, what the main pop of print/design is, and to have just enough of each to wear together. Don't keep everything so "matchy matchy."

For a day of Christmas shopping in Spokane, I added a black cardi, skinny royal blue belt (Target), my houndstooth coat (Macy's), my new blue purse, and my stone grey boots.

Well, look at that! I am through my first week! It's a lot more work than I thought it might be. It'd seem easy to just document each day of outfits, but when you're blogging about it, somehow it makes it more work to make sure I'm putting things together that are new or shy ideas for me. :) I like what I wore this week, but I think I need to step it up a notch...

Until next Sat...
"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick." ~Gwyneth Paltrow

(Photo below is the eye shadow I just couldn't get a good photo of today, so I gave up. lol

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