Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Is Here.

Christmas time is here;
All who gather near,
To celebrate the birth,
Of Christ on this small earth.

We decorate the trees,
And place the gifts beneath,
With friends and family around,
We drink and dine and wine;

With toasts of good cheer,
Starting letters with dear,
We hug a little tighter,
And speak a little lighter.

When the clouds open up,
We watch the snow fall,
The world turns pure white,
And our hearts are full and bright;

So greetings we exchange,
To neighbors and to strangers;
We cook a lot of food,
And bake some cookies too.

But always on Christmas morning,
Before the ribbons fly,
We stop and sit in quite,
And listen to those fine lines;

On this day so long ago,
A baby boy was born;
Called a king born from a stable,
He came to be our Savior.

Never forget the true meaning of Christmas,
For He was too great for sinners,
But He loved us still,
And came until,
His life was taken thirty years later.
But because He came and relived again,
We have been given life through Him.

So thank the Lord for safety in this World,
And share with others the Gospel.
Then say a little prayer,
For all who draw near,
That Christmas time is (always) here.

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